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We don’t just manage your money; we strive to help you to reach your life goals and dreams. Acting as a trusted advisor to our clients is one of our biggest joys in life. We love knowing that we are focusing on each client’s best interests, and helping you reach your personal life-goals.

Hightower Great Lakes is a holistic wealth management practice that works with you and your family to help you get to where you want to be now, and in the future. We work with a broad spectrum of people, and we take their trust to heart.


You’re smart. You work hard, make a good living, your family is important to you and you're ready to take your financial life to the next level. You want the financial process and industry jargon simplified and communicated in an efficient and easy way.

You're ready to invest your time, money and energy into a financial planning relationship. At Hightower Great Lakes, we believe in educating you and working to help you understand your financial landscape. We also believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice enjoying your life now to save for the future. We strive to help you live a better, more secure life today.

Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Managing Director, Partner

Managing Director, Partner

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Financial Advisor

Associate Wealth Advisor

Associate Wealth Advisor

Operations Manager

Senior Registered Relationship Manager

Client Service Manager

Client Service Associate

Marketing & Communications Manager

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